Alpha Sigma Alpha Headquarters
Alpha Sigma Alpha is a women’s organization which promotes high ideals and standards to its members, and emphasizes its four aims: intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social. The open motto of Alpha Sigma Alpha is aspire, seek, attain. This motto is a standard which every woman tries to forth as chapter members and individuals.

Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded in 1901 in Farmville, Virginia on November 15th. The State Female Normal School, now Longwood University, in Farmville, Va. Was the first institution of higher education in Virginia to accept women for collegiate study. Naturally, it attracted superior students, many of whom were daughters of college professors.

Among the students in the fall of 1901 were five women who were five best friends. Attractive, vivacious, and intelligent, these five friends organized a new sorority on November 15, 1901.

As stated in the charter, “The purpose of the association shall be to cultivate friendship among its members, and in every way to create pure and elevating sentiments, to perform such deeds and to mould such opinions as will tend to elevate and ennoble womanhood in the world.” Signatures to this document include those of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s five founders: Virginia Boyd Noell, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Calva Watson Wootton, Louise Cox Carper, and Mary Williamson Hundley.

Since the founding in 1901, Alpha Sigma Alpha has achieved many awards of excellence among its members and the chapter. For more than a 100 years, Alpha Sigma Alpha have created strong leaders and have encouraged every member to strive for high ideals that will be carried on throughout each one of their lives.

Alpha Sigma Alpha has four mottoes. All have their initials the letters Alpha Sigma Alpha. The open motto is (Greek letters first) “Aspire, Seek, Attain.”
“The aim of this sorority shall…have for its four-fold objective the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development of its members.”
“Alpha Sigma Alpha is a women’s organization that exists to promote high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among the four aims of intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. Alpha Sigma Alpha provides structure and guidance through:

§  Sisterhood, which is a strong bond of unconditional friendship based on common values and
§  Heritage, which is expressed through creed, ritual and history,
§  Opportunities for leadership and involvement in chapter, campus and community.”
Core Values
§  Relationships
§  Integrity
§  Balance
§  Learning
§  Generosity
§  Growth
§  Responsibility
§  Enjoyment
The sisters of our chapter are dedicated to helping and lifting the spirits of others in the community. More specifically, Alpha Sigma Alpha participates in donating to both  S. June Smith Center, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the Special Olympics. Both organizations provide assistance to those who are mentally or physically challenged. To learn how you can participate in one or both of our philanthropies, please contact us via our "Contact Us" link.

Insignia, Coat of Arms

The insignia of Alpha Sigma Alpha are the star, crown, palm tree and phoenix.
The star represents the aspirations of Alpha Sigma Alphas to live up to the ideals of the Sorority.
The crown represents leadership attained and the name of recognition given to our alumnae.
The palm tree represents an emblem of sturdy development.
The phoenix, the central symbol in our coat-of-arms, openly represents the reorganization of the Sorority that occurred in 1914.

Official Mascot

Meet Dot, the lovely ladybug. You can find her on cars, clothes, and even sisters!

Meet Ann!

Meet Raggedy Ann, our affiliated symbol. She's cute and fun, just like us!



The fall flower is the aster and the spring flower is the narcissus.


Rubies for inducted members, Pearls for new members.