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We are pleased to present you with the finest women Alpha Sigma Alpha has to offer, our Alumnae. These women are what our undergraduates aspire to be and so much more. The women depicted here are in fact women of purpose and poise and we congratulate them on their success and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.
Alpha Love and Mine,
Zeta Sigma Chapter

Megan DeLaCruz

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Elva Garza

Name: Elva Denise Garza
Age: 24
Major as Undergraduate: Bilingual Communication Arts
Graduation Date: 2009
Occupation/Career: Advertising Account Executive
What ASA has done for me: I think the question becomes 'what hasn't ASA done for me?'. It has helped me become better physically, spirtually, intellectually and socially bringing the balance into my life. It of course gave me unfortgettable memories from the annual out of town trips with my sisters (which continue to happen), to sleepless nights, and of course those things that only my sisters know :)! Through ASA, I met my best friends and future bridesmaid :P... In a nutshell, ASA helped me Aspire,Seek, Attain and made me an all-around better person.  
Positions held: PR Chair '05 Vice-President of Public Relations and Recruitment '06 Vice-President of Programming and Ritual '07 President '08.

Priscilla Hogan

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Judith Jimenez

Name: Judith Jimenez
Age: 23
Major as Undergraduate: Fashion Merchandise
Graduation Date: December '09
Occupation/Career: Visual Merchandser @ Forever 21
Positions Held: Fundraiser Chair, Ritual Chair, Public Relations Chair and Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment
What ASA has done for me: ASA has taught me a great deal of leadership.  This organization has taught me to be bold and that I can make anything happen as long as I really want it.  It has blessed me with the very best friends that I have and will cherish forever!! And as well all like to say "it has given me my bridemaids!" lol.  Being a part of this organization was the best decision I could have ever made:)  

Melissa Magana

Name: Melissa Grace Magana-Aramburo
Age: 25
Major as Undergraduate: Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing
Graduation Date: December 2006
Occupation/Career: Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors
What ASA has done for me: Alpha Sigma Alpha helped me grow as a leader and introduced me to some of my very best friends. Imagin all of the things you can learn from a room full of sugar and spice!! College would not have been the same with out my ASA sister.
Positions held as a Collegiate: Standards Chair '05, President '06

Annette Marroquin

Name:Annette Marroquin
Age: 22
Major:  Bilingual Communication Arts ABM 2009
Home town: San Antonio,TX
Goals: My goal is to be a news anchor one day and reach out to people world wide. I want to speak the truth and have the courage to be bold to speak about what others fear. I hope to inspire others with my actions and always lead by example.  I hold this sisterhood close to my heart and thank God for each and every sister I've made over the years. Some of my sisters have become my best friends. I have an amazing older sister (Stephy) who is always there for me and provides me with great advice in everything. I had the privilege of becoming a big sister in the year 2009! My little is Courtney Casares, which I absolutely love and has been such a blessing to me. Alpha Sigma Alpha has helped me become a strong leader as well as a woman of poise and purpose.

Arnetia Nickens

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Marisa Nunez

Name: Marisa Nicole Nunez
Age: 22
Major: Computer Information Systems/Mgmt
Graduation Date: May 2010
Occupation: Bexar County Information Services- Tech Support
Positions Held: Secratery, Spirit Chair
What ASA has done for you: ASA has def. shaped me into the strong individual I am today. Going through so many ups and downs in my life, these women who i call my best friends/sisters have done nothing but been there for me and have let me know that you are never alone. I wouldnt be where I am right now if it wasnt for making the decision of joining Alpha Sigma Alpha my first year of college. Truly the best experience ever, and something that will continue to be forever with me.

Yvonne Solitaire

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Marisa Stewart

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