Meet Our Sisters
Our Amazing Chapter

Alyssa Alleyn

Name: Alyssa Alleyn
Age: 20
Major/Year: Experimental Psychology, Junior
Hometown: McAllen, Texas
Goals:  I would like to graduate from Incarnate Word in December 2011 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and minor in Biology.  After graduation, I hope to earn a PhD in Neuroscience so that I may teach at the collegiate level and conduct research as I help undergraduates attain their goals.  I am very determined and love to be challenged. 

Amber Alonzo

Name: Amber Alonzo
Age: 20
Major & Year: Biology Pre-Med, Senior
Home town: San Antonio, TX
Goals: My goal is graduate by Spring of 2011, with a good GPA. I also hope to get into get into medical school, and become a doctor one day.
A little about me: I am a pretty down to earth, easy to get along with. I like bike riding, sleeping, eating, and hanging out with my friends and family. 

Eva Maria Alvarez

Name: Eva Maria Alvarez
Major: Optometry
Home town: San Antonio, TX
Age: 20
Goal: To one day open up my own optometry clinic and travel the world.
A little about me :I am a very social,outgoing,and loving person. I enjoy being involved around campus. I love to help out in any way that I can, not only here on campus, but around the city as well. I absolutely love my Family and Friends. I also love music, dancing, shopping, soccer, the color pink, and ASA!
ASA has helped me and still is helping me grow into a women with poise and purpose.
I absolutely love my Sisters and I thank God everyday for letting them be apart of my life!

Meghan Diana Austin

Name:Meghan Austin
Major: Graphic Designing
Hometown:Fairbanks, Alaska
Goals: To one day work from home and be my own boss.

A little about me: I'm the oldest of 4 siblings, I love singing, hanging out with friends, laughing, walking at the park, hiking, and shopping. jogging, and pretty much anything that has to do with art.

Katie Bejegerdes

Name: Katie Benjegerdes
Age: 19
Major: Pre-Medicine, Biology
Hometown: Gatesville, Texas
Goals: My goals are to attend Medical School to become a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. I want to become a doctor in order to improve the lives of others who are less fortunate than myself. I want to someday have a family and to live life with no regrets!
A Little About Me: I am a very involved person! I love to keep myself busy and never let myself get bored. I love dancing, cheerleading, cooking, baking, spending time with my amazing family, and all of my Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters especially my amazing big, Katie Chauret. I like to consider myself intelligent, caring, and kind and I graduated Valedictorian of my class in 2009. I love challenging myself and I am a very determined and dedicated individual.

Kristin B. Brown

A little about me: I love to go running, I love to play tennis, I love to play my guitar, I love to cook, and I love ASA

Courtney Casares

Name: Courtney Casares
Major: Fashion Design/ Business Marketing
Hometown: Sharyland, TX
Initiation Class: Sigma
Interests: Designer Clothing/Accessories, Baking, Planning Events, Giving People Makeovers, Shopping, Reading, spending time with my big Annette and my friends
Fun Facts: I’m terrified of fish, I love to read…I especially love vampire novels…I was Miss Rio Grande Valley Teen USA 2006, I used to be a cheerleader, I love to bake, and enjoy spending the time I’m not busy relaxing and being a couch potato.

Sarah Castillo

Name:  Sarah Elizabeth Castillo
Age: 20
Major:  Accounting
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Initiation Class: Upsilon
Goals: To graduate with a BBA and MS in Accounting from UIW and become a CPA, To one day have a family of my own, To give my best in all I do.
A little about me: I am very family oriented. I adore my mom, dad, and brother. I enjoy spending time with my friends and sisters and being silly.  My favorite professional sport teams are the Spurs and the Red Sox.  I love to dance and sing in the car. I hate being late and my greatest fear is passing up an opportunity and missing out on something amazing

Katie Chauret

Name: Katie Chauret
Age: 20
Major & Year: Business Marketing Major & Interior Design Minor, Junior
Home town: San Antonio, TX
Goals:  I want to graduate with honors and I want to start up my own special events company.  I want to be a special events coordinator, who specializes in weddings!  I also want to run a half marathon and I want to do a mini triathalon someday!!
A little about me: I LOVE sports and I am a very competitive person!  I love to work out and go running, and I love soccer!!!!  I like to think I am an extremely sincere person, and I would do anything to help out a friend!  My family is my rock, and they are the ones who have molded me into the woman I am today!  I also take school very seriously.  I am very dedicated and determined person.  If I want to achieve something, nothing is going to stop me from achieving it!  I am extremely dedicated to Alpha Sigma Alpha, and I love all of beautiful sisters!

Lissette Espinoza

Name: Lissette Espinoza
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Hometown: Houston, TX
Class: Tau
 About Me: I work at Fossil, absolutely loooove music, my favorite band is Metro Station, I am a shop-a-holic, my favorite colors are pink and black, my favorite show is Gossip Girl, and I love being an ASA girl!

Crystal Ann Gongora

Name: Crystal Ann Gongora
Age: 19
Major: Nursing Major and currently a sophmore at UIW
Hometown: Houston,TX
Goal: My goal is to graduate from the UIW School of Nursing
Little about me: I LOVE to dance,shop, and drink fraps!! :)

Alexandra Guerra

Name: Alexandria M. Guerra
Age: 19
Major & Year:Biology, Pre-Pharmacy
Home town:Victoria, TX
 Goals: My Goal in life is to be able to provided for my family and become a strong well rounded women just like my mom.
A little about me: I am an only child. Although i was born in Victoria i was raised in Arlington, Tx the DFW area. I love to watch and attempt to play sports and i am very family orinted. Not only am i very active in ASA but i am also deicated to other organizations on campus as well.  

Marjorie Halvorson

Name: Marjorie Halvorson
Age: 19
Major & Year: Psychology & Sophomore
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Goal: To be satisfied with life regardless of it's circumstances.
About Me: Mostly everyone calls me Margie. I really enjoy music, film, and art. I work in the Audio Visuals section of the J.E. & L.E. Mabee library on campus. My favorite food is sushi. And, I love everything about being a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Alexandra Paige Hedfelt

Name: Alexandra Paige Hedfelt
Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Major & Year:  Nursing, Sophomore
Goals: Get accepted into & graduate from the UIW Nursing School 
About me: Rushed Alpha Sigma Alpha in the Spring of 2010 & have loved greek life ever since!

Doina Ieseanu

More information about me coming soon!

Trudy Lettunich

Name: Trudy Lettunich
Age: 20
Major & Year: Psychology, Junior
Home town: El Paso, TX

Ariel Lopez

Name: Ariel Lopez
Age: 19
Major & Year: Sophmore Pre-Pharmacy Biology and Chemistry
Home town: San Antonio, TX
Goals: Get my Ph. D
A little about me: I am currently a 2nd year UIW student and am a Biology and Chemistry major in the Pre Pharmacy track. Im a country girl in a big city! I rushed ASA my freshman year in the Fall of 08 and absolutely LOVE it! My 3 priorities in life are God, my family, and my sisters! I am currently the Social and T-Shirt Chairman for the sorority and love working with the Recruitment Committe. ASA is one of the biggest parts of my life and I dont know what I would do with out it!

Michelle A. Lozoya

Name: Michelle A. Lozoya 
Age: 21
Major/Year: Biology, Senior 
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Goals: I want nothing more than to become a zoologist; I want to research wildlife in and out of captivity to better their lives and better understand how to preserve them for our later generations to have. I will move on to complete my Master's Degree at UCSD.

Lucy Medina

Name: Lucy Medina
Age: 21
Major: Biology
Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Goals: Graduate with a Biology degree in about a year and then get accepted into pharmacy or medical school. 
A little bit about me: I am just a enjoying life and being a college student. I tend to keep myself very busy with school, work, and ASA which is one of the best things in my life. I love my family and friends and I would do anything in the world for them. Some of my hobbies include going out with friends, shopping, reading, and traveling.

Mercedes Moreno

Name: Mercedes Moreno
Age: 18
Major: Education
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Goals: Graduate with a 3.0 (or higher) in the fall of 2013 with my masters.
A little about me: Freshman Senator for 2009-2010. Only Child and love it, love to shop and text, read non-fiction novels, swim, adore the sunset and beach, love my friends, live laugh and love is what I like to say.

Cam Van Nguyen

Name: Cam-Van Minh Nguyen
Age: 21
Major & Year: Bio-Chemistry, Junior
Home town: Dallas, TX
Goals: My goal in life is to become a successful pharmacist and start a charity organization to reach out to everyone world wide in helping the unfortunates by providing unlimited sources of healthcare.
A little about me: My favorite color is hot pink & lime green, Family is my first priority, I hold ASA close to my heart and was honored to hold my first chairman position as Fundraiser Chairman and now I am the current Editor & Historian of Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Sigma.
Favorite quote: "It is not Length of Life but Depth of Life" -Ralph Waldo

Amy Paul

Name: Amy Paul
Major & Year: Pre-Pharmacy
Home town: California
Goals: N/A
A little about me: I was born and raised in California but have fallen in love with Texas!
I live in the hillcountry and love toobing and Texas country music! :-)
 I love to snowboard and really miss the snow.
I love to make people smile, and am usually goofing off or cracking jokes.
 :-P Oh, and I love my big sister Arnetia!

Alyssa Perez

Name: Alyssa Perez
Major & Year: Communications Major, 4th year
Home town: Tomball, TX
Goals: N/A
A little about me: Some interesting facts about me is that I am the former Miss Texas International 2008, pageants are a huge part of my life, I'm obsessed with facebook (add me) and I have never seen snow!! My favorite quote is Philippians 4:6-9 (look it up it will change your life) and "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -Eleanor Roosevelt

Ivana Riojas

Name: Ivana Riojas
Age: 19
Major & Year: Biology, minor in spanish, Sophomore
Home town: Austin, TX
Goals: To attend Baylor Medical school. Become a very successful Pediatrician. To make positive differences in people's lives.
A little about me: Me: My faith, family, friends, boyfriend, and music are the elements that make up my life and who I am. I am our chapter's Philanthropic Chairman. I love Starbucks and Jamba Juice : ) My favorite food is Italian. My favorite color combo's are pink and lime green, and lime green and black. I am very dedicated, not only to our sorority, but to my church as well. I love being in Alpha Sigma Alpha and I love my sisters!

Inez Rodriguez

Name:Inez G. Rodriguez
Age: 19
Major: Elementary Education  Minor: Reading
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Initiation Class: Tau Class-Spring Of 2009
About Me: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Dance, Texas country Music, Beaches, Baking (from scratch), cooking, Singing, being creative! I am a huge animal lover (I really want a daschund)! My favorite colors are pink, tiffany blue and brown. I stand at 4"11!   Favorite quote: "With God all things are possible"

Morgan Ruble

Name: Morgan RubleAge:19
Major: Engineering Management

Hometown:League City, TX
Goals: To graduate college, go to grad school, and have a successful career as an Aerospace Engineer
A little about me: I am the sisterhood Chairman of Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Sigma Chapter, and I love being in the water and doing water sports.

Marissa Salazar

Name:Marissa Salazar
Age: 19
Major: Nursing

A Little About Me: Alpha Sigma Alpha, cheerleading, tanning,swimming,the beach,anything outdoors. Favorite colors are pink, lime green, black.My dream is to be a really really successful nurse that changes peoples life for the better.

Sarah Suarez

Name: Sarah Suarez
Age: 20
Hometown: San Antonio, Tx
Major: Mathematics/Education
About me: I absolutely LOVE shopping, surprises, purses, & shoes. A pair of jeans, t-shirt, & a cute pair of sandals is my ideal outfit. Italian & chinese food are my absolute fave. Target is my guilty pleasure. Going on roadtrips with my windows down singing at the top of my lungs with out a care in the world &watching movies in my comfy sweats with a cup of groom's cake ice cream is my favorite past time. HOT pink nail polish, bronzer, & mascara are essential in my daily life. I love to do anything outdoors.
Goals: To impact or inspire one's life through teaching.

Natalie Serene Tijerina

Name: Natalie Serene Tijerina
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Age: 19
Major: Marketing and Sports Management, Sophomore 
A little about me: I'm an ambitious and outgoing individual. Who love's to spend time with my sisters, my family, and my friends!

Elisha Vasquez

Name: Elisha Vasquez
 Age: 23
Major & Year: Biology Major, Junior
Home town: Kerrville, TX
Goals: To complete a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and attend Pharmacy School!
A little about me: I have 2 year old little girl, Asia Jade, whom I love and adore! Almost every day I have to wear something pink or sparkley :) And I love sushi!

Ashley Villarreal

Name: Ashley Villarreal
Major & Year: General Business, Junior 
Home town: San Antonio, TX
Goals:To be the president of operations of a vegas casino and to own a boat.
A little about me: I enjoy hanging out with my sisters, playing with my puppy, Penelope, and going to the beach.

Please check back soon for new faces!